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Mesona production procedure

There are many kinds of species of Mesona. Some species have an aroma but less gum, and some have gum but no aroma. However, not every type of Mesona can produce a lot of juice. Particularly, it is not easy to cook Mesona into a soft and elastic Mesona jelly, so it is a priority to find the perfect Mesona.

In the beginning, the Yangs used wild Mesona grown on the cliff of Alishan. It isn't easy to collect the grass, and wild Mesona is minimal. Now, the wild Mesona is almost non-existent. The Yang family tries to find the most suitable Mesona by comparing different species from other countries, including Vietnam, Mainland China, and Indonesia. Finally, through perseverance and ancestral secrets, they obtain a golden recipe to make perfect Mesona juice with fragrance and quickly make an elastic Mesona jelly.

The boiler for boiling the Mesona is made of wood. They put about 30 kilograms of dried Mesona into the boiler each time. Before cooking the Mesona, the dust on the Mesona needs to be quickly washed out since the essence of the original juice will be lost when Mesona is exposed to water. Boiling the Mesona takes 6 hours. The Yangs have to carefully adjust the flavor when cooking the Mesona. When the color of the juice becomes dark and the texture becomes thick, the juice will be filtered, cooled, and put into a 10-liter white barrel.

To make a Mesona jelly, first, they need to dilute the original Mesona juice by adding more flour water. Then, after boiling the liquid, put it into an iron bucket and let it stand to freeze. The natural Mesona to the final Mesona jelly takes 24 hours.